aface2Businesses nowadays  have an edge over those that started in the earlier days because of technological advancements. If looked at a different way, you can actually take advantage of these pieces of technology and make your investments grow. Businesses before do not have the internet to promote in. Now, even if you do not have the expertise, you can still benefit from it. The merge of social networking technology and business has caused an epic shift in working culture as a whole, especially when it comes to the new required levels of transparency in businesses.

Enterprises are now obliged to be more interactive on a personal level with their customer, whether their customers are other businesses or the general public. The whole marketing monologue of a company now needs to be shifted to an ongoing dialogue with customers over a wholly public channel, moving the power straight into the realm of the consumers. This also means reaching out to customers becomes a lot easier and a huge advantage especially for a small business.

bbbbbbbNot all people have the same opinion regarding using social media though. Opening up social media as a way of handling customer service is also causing a split of opinion, the combination of online platforms and cloud-based technology can provide intelligent solutions to small businesses who are struggling to handle the needs of customers.

It allows them to cater for consumers who now want their questions answered and demands met around the clock; intense as this seems the insight into customers’ needs and most importantly; their wants, are the result of opening such channels, which many believe is very much worth the trade-off. It is best if you and your entire team have the same outlook to avoid difference in opinions. Take time to discuss and brainstorm altogether to come up with great ideas that really works.